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Position of SNPs in molecular bar code assay. The position of the SNPs detected by the 24 TaqMan assays in the molecular bar code are shown along with the chromosome (Ch) on which the SNP resides, and the position (coordinate number) on that chromosome, and the R/S number (if available). Information about the SNP type (Synonymous = S; NonSynonymous = NS; Intergenic = I); the degeneracy of the SNP (ND = non-degenerate; 2 = two-fold degenerate; 4 = four-fold degenerate); the coding Frame (1, 2, or 3); the Gene where the indicated SNP is located; the possible Alleles; the number of parasites sequenced (Parasites); and, the minor allele frequency (MAF) are also indicated. The allele; number of reads; and amino acid is also shown for the individual parasites sequenced.

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Daniels et al. Malaria Journal 2008 7:223   doi:10.1186/1475-2875-7-223