Figure 2.

Alignment showing the inter-specific variability in ITS2 sequence for six Palearctic members of An. maculipennis complex from northern Iran. The first 26 bp belongs to 5.8 s region and ITS2 starts and ends with bold nucleotides. The remainder 27 bp is 28 s region. Selected sequences used for this alignment could be reached through GenBank accession numbers; AY730269 (An. persiensis), AY050639 (An. messaea), AY050640 (An. atroparvus), AY842516 (An. labranchiae), AY730264 (An. maculipennis), AY533852 and AY842515 (An. sacharovi).

Djadid et al. Malaria Journal 2007 6:6   doi:10.1186/1475-2875-6-6
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