Table 1

Deficiencies and problems related to ANC services as presented and broadly supported by pregnant women during FGDs in the study villages.

Kwamsisi village

Kwakombo village

Kitifu village

Tabora village

'No laboratory facilities at the dispensary

Shortage of delivery ward at the dispensary

No clinic room for ANC services at the dispensary

No quick service. Staff are too slow, patient have to wait for a long time

No blood transfusion services for pregnant mothers and children

Poor courtesy of nurses to patients including ANC mothers'

'No laboratory facilities at Kwamsisi dispensary'

'We do not have our own village dispensary. We either have to go to Kwamsisi or Magunga District Hospital'

'Sometimes we waste a lot of time when we go to Kwamsisi dispensary. You find so many people (i.e. pregnant women) at the hospital (meaning the dispensary) and the few staff you find there are tired and exhausted to give you service immediately for you to come back home earlier'

'Lack of blood transfusion services at Ngombezi dispensary'

'Lack of beds to admit pregnant mothers, especially if two or more coincidently attend at the dispensary at the same time'

'We are happy with the doctor, but...mhh.., as for the may say why did I go there...'

'No village dispensary. We normally go to Ngombezi or Mandera, but the latter is too far for pregnant women'

'We need a health centre in this area. Even the Vice President was informed when he paid us a visit that we are facing an acute problem of not having a closer health centre here, while this village is one of the famous agricultural productive areas in this district'

'You can't imagine seeing a health worker shouting at you like a young person...'

Mubyazi et al. Malaria Journal 2005 4:31   doi:10.1186/1475-2875-4-31

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